I am a BACP registered existential analytic psychotherapeutic counsellor with an MSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I work in private practice in Old Street and Pimlico and as a school counsellor / therapist working with adolescents. Previously, I worked within the NHS providing short term (6 - 12 week) therapy.

I have several years experience working with individuals, young people and adolescents experiencing a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, stress, health issues, relationship problems, trauma, abuse, sexuality, self-harm, isolation, loss, family issues, low self-esteem, work related issues and university related problems.

I came to therapy through my own therapeutic experience. I found myself in the client’s chair trying to make sense of my life and its difficulties. My first experience of therapy was largely influenced by CBT; my second was psychoanalytic. I experienced how transformative and empowering the therapeutic experience can be.  

Prior to my psychotherapy training I worked in Human Resources, witnessing how difficult day-to-day pressures can be in today’s corporate and professional working world. 

My general attitude to life is holistic and this filters into my work as a therapist. Outside the therapy room yoga, physical health and nutrition play an important role in my life. I consider the mind and body connection to be strong, which influences my thinking in the therapy room. 


How i work

The theoretical framework of my practise is informed by existential, psychoanalytic and humanistic thinkers. My work is founded on phenomenology, which means therapy is not about imposing any particular theory but picking up on theoretical ideas that might enable something in the therapy room.

As everyone is different, no one person or one problem can be treated in the same way, therefore my approach is to start with the individual. Therapy is a collaborative process in which together we seek to understand your experience. 

We might consider how our inner worlds or unconscious minds have developed, reflecting on thinking that may no longer be serving you. We may think about how past relationships and early patterns of learned behaviour may be affecting you in the present and how we might change or work through them. This understanding would take into account your existential position, reflecting on your way of being in the world and the context in which you live.

I see my role as supporting people in living more authentic and fulfilling lives. With this in mind I work relationally, which means our relationship is fundamental to the therapeutic process.  

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You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you’ve been
— Maya Angelou