Everyone goes through periods of life when they feel off-balance, when everything can feel extremely challenging and the every day feels overwhelming. Therapy is the possibility of something different.

People seek therapy for many different reasons. You may be very clear about your reason for wanting therapy, you may feel stuck or are struggling but not quite sure why. You may wish to deepen the relationship you have with yourself and others.

Therapy offers a unique situation where you can talk about the most personal, important and often most troubling parts of your life in a safe space with another person. It is a place to help you make sense of your experience.

Therapy is a creative and collaborative experience where you get to know yourself better. We work together to find new understanding, increase self-awareness and consider different perspectives.

Therapy enables us to move on from the past by learning from it. As we become more aware of the patterns we repeat, and how we get in the way of ourselves, we enable more informed choices in the present.

Therapy might be short term, 6-12 weeks, often focusing on a specific issue. Or open-ended, which would be a deeper exploration of patterns that have been developed and how they might be holding you back. This would be dependant on your needs and discussed in the initial consultation.

If the outer world is to be transformed, the process must begin within. If the inner world is to be transformed, it must be understood in light of the outer forces that shaped it.
— Anodea Judith

existential anaylsis

A space for people to explore all aspect of being without judgement. To deepen your understanding of how you are in the world and how you relate to others. A process that may include reflection on relationships and the roles we play working out what is serving us and what might be getting in the way.